25 November, 2009

this isn't bullshit, It's just retarded. I don't quite understand some peoples' view of law.


  1. I see both their points. The lawyer is speaking legalize, which can be obscure. He has his own obligations to meet to be fair to his client. This makes the interview awkward because he's not going to condemn his own client. They're not speaking the same language and O'Reilley makes the lawyer look like a dick.

    That said, this is bullshit that this is happening. I don't know how any red-blooded American could 'defend' these scumbags other than being a self-serving prick.

  2. what does retarded have to do with it? That word doesn't belong in your title. The last time I checked retarded didn't mean stupid. It dehumanizes people with special needs. The sad truth is that unless you have a family member with special needs you probably haven't given this much thought.

  3. Retarded \Re*tard"ed\, n. having a limited or below normal mental ability; same as
    mentally retarded; -- used especially in relation to performance in academic tasks.
    Source: The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

    What's wrong with using the word retarded? It fits when talking about lawyers. He couldn't answer a simple question! Now, if you were insulted, please accept my apology. Sincerely. Your point about me not giving the use of the word much thought is true. But that's only because in my humble opinion, people are way too PC and sensitive. Lighten up HannahJ, the world is yours. Jason, "Legaleze" should be outlawed & his "Client" is not afforded council or even a trial according to my limited understanding of the Constitution and what my limited Marine mind tells me should be done.


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