23 October, 2009

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

The story of Larry Sinclair, American homosexual activist who claimed to have done drugs and have had oral sex with the current president of the United states of America:

"I have been attacked, falsely arrested and falsely charged all in an effort to hide the TRUTH about Barack Obama's crack cocaine use in 1999, his extra-marital affairs with me and other gay men, his long term intimate and sexual relationship with the MURDERED Donald Young, former choir director of Obama's church TUCC in Chicago. The Obama thugs have had my web sites shut down by startlogic one day before the DNC Convention, and they have admitted and bragged of being responsible for distributing my Social Security number to individuals who are using it illegally. On October 10 & 11, 2008 Obama supporters/surrogates did hack into two Hotmail accounts, one AOL account, this Blog and my original Youtube account and deleted every video, article, email, and file from all of them. Wake up America as these same Obots as recently as yesterday had the nerve to say that on November 5, 2008 I, the PUMA's, Clinton supporters and others who opposed Barack Obama will see what going against Obama will bring us. They have even stated that people opposing Obama will be arrested, sued, fired and beaten! And this was just posted October 20, 2008!"

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