28 September, 2009

Marines in Afghanistan From VBS.TV

Marines in Afghanistan From VBS.TV
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Its good to see a reporter giving Marines a fair shake.
“America’s not at war, America’s at the mall” Pissed off jarine
The reporter also makes a very good point by asking how exactly are we going to defeat the Taliban using the current Obama strategy and doctrine or lack thereof. The underlying thread of his question is that the ROE are preventing us from chasing them into Pakistan, we can only interrogate them by threatening to withhold the Brownies and only provide them with Twinkies and Fringe Media is completely ignoring the war. The reporters point is that the islamist terrorists can continue doing this for a lot longer than we can. The message is that we have to get as serious abut killing terrorists as the Marines in the field are or we’re going to have long war-his words aren’t as sanguine as my interpretation.

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