28 September, 2009

Brief listing of things i forgot to do.

Be kind to me, this is just the start.

repair U.S.M.C. Career
learn to speak, read and write more languages
Travel to:
Develop my empire
build a mining company/resource farming/whatever
Learn to fight with swords
get 1000 readers/followers for my blog
cage fight
bench press 400 pounds & squat 1000 pounds
Get married (last time) and make a boy
put aside enough cash for Celine to go to college
pay off my car(for the 3rd time)
Get elected to office
Complete my flight training, both for fixed wing and rotary
Increase my IQ from 137/139 to over 145
Own my own Home!
Scuba Certification
Master Networking
Sail across the Atlantic
More tattoos
Protest some protesters
Live to be one million, three hundred fourteen thousand hours old
Start a journal

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